10:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Minneapolis Convention Center | room 200

We are back!

"It's not just who you know,
but who knows you!"

-Sharon Smith-Akinsanya



10:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Minneapolis Convention Center | room 200

Why Minnesota Still Needs the People Of Color Career Fair™

Minnesota is proud to broadcast its status of having the lowest overall unemployment rate in the country. BUT, the truth is that for Black people and other People of Color, the 1.8% unemployment rate is not our reality.

Currently, the unemployment rate for Black people in Minnesota is 7.4%.

Source MN GOV. DEED: Table 5. Unemployment Rate by Race or Ethnicity, Minnesota, 12-month Moving Average.

This ain’t right, and we’re not here for it!

The People Of Color Career Fair™ is back and ready to partner with Employers in our region to address the tragic disparity in our unemployment rate. It’s time we do away with the excuse of “we can’t find any Professionals of Color.”

Minnesota, there is still work to do, and the People of Color Career Fair™ is here to help! One equitable Minnesota for all!

See KSTP news story for more information HERE

It’s Time For THE SHIFT from empty words to Making impact

Out with the old and in with the improved!

It’s time to do things differently in order to make our region the hub for diverse talent that we want it to be. The ownness is on all of us to do our part to make this a reality.

That’s why we’re partnering with Employer Partners who are committed to connecting with Professionals in a meaningful way at the People Of Color Career Fair™. No just walking past and dropping off resumes. No sign up sheets with false promises of “we’ll reach out to you at a later date."

No more business as usual. Are you in?

BRINGING YOU THe access you need

The People Of Color Career Fair™ is more than a typical career fair where Employers and Professionals gather in a very transactional, not-so-results-yielding way. That’s not our style.

We are curating an experience with the Professional of Color in mind. The People Of Color Career Fair™ is all about building relationships with the right people to help you get from here to there. It's not just about who you know, but who knows you!

Here's what you can expect: 
Professional Headshots
Take your headshot with us and use it everywhere. We want to help you upgrade your professional profile, so we are offering headshots FREE of charge to you. If you decide to participate, we will send you instructions on how to download the image for you to use on all of your professional profiles.
Networking with Hiring Managers
Enjoy the opportunity to connect with representatives from 30+ leading Employers in the region. Converse with vetted Employer Partners who are committed to diversifying their workplaces. Utilize the moment to market yourself to your next potential Employer.
Onsite Interviews
Some of our Employer Partners are ready to conduct onsite interviews at the Career Fair. We have a space specifically designated for providing Professionals and Employers the opportunity to delve deeper into open roles, qualifications, and experience.
The “Huddle” Lounge
This year, we are featuring a “Huddle” Lounge for Professionals to network with decision-makers in a more relaxed setting, creating an opportunity for Employers to step away from their booths and connect with you.


See what Elected Officials, CEOs, and Executives have to say about the People Of Color Career Fair™


chairman & CEO
ANDERSeN Corporation

“We are excited to be a presenting sponsor for the People Of Color Career Fair™. Our commitment to increasing racial inclusivity and diversity at Andersen has never been stronger. We are ready to make an impact and look forward to meeting – and hiring – exceptional talent at the Career Fair like we’ve done in the past. We’ve had immense success expanding our team at the People Of Color Career Fair™, and we’re looking forward to even more success this time around.”

Andrea Jenkins

Minneapolis City Council, Ward 8

"The work that Rae Mackenzie Group is doing continues to be work that inspires us all and strengthens our region. The People Of Color Career Fair™ is another way RMG is working hard to move MN forward. People of Color deserve the opportunity to shine. We are as qualified as anyone else, and thank goodness the Twin Cities has the People Of Color Career Fair™ to make sure everyone knows it. We must partner with initiatives and events like this Career Fair to make sure our region is an equitable place to live, work, and be for all."

Jacob Frey

City of Minneapolis

“Our city and state need the People Of Color Career Fair™. For too long, we’ve been garnering a reputation of violence and negativity. And while we can’t take away the past—nor would we ever attempt to deny its existence—there is a truth about us that people need to know. We are working to make Minneapolis and Minnesota safe and prosperous for all. The People Of Color Career Fair™ is that truth personified, a tangible example that elected officials and businesses want our region to be a place where everyone has access to opportunities to succeed.”

Melvin Carter

city of Saint Paul

“We have been waiting for the return of the People Of Color Career Fair™. The type of access that this Career Fair provides to Professionals of Color is unmatched. In the past, the employers who have attended have been serious about helping our region solve for unemployment rates and labor crises, doing the most immediate and impactful thing they could to get the problem rectified: hiring people. I expect that this fair will be no different in its approach and efficacy.”

Karen Richard

SVP & Chief Human Resources Officer
andersen corporation

"We've been partners with the People Of Color Career Fair™ since it began six years ago, and every Career Fair just gets better and better! We have hired team members on the spot at the Career Fair, and they have gone on to become strong, invaluable leaders in our company. Any company that says they are serious and committed to DEI should have a booth at the People Of Color Career Fair™."



“I am so excited that the People Of Color Career Fair™ has returned and that Andersen is a premier sponsor! As a region, we’re always talking about ways we can come together to shift the unemployment gap and ensure that People of Color have access to resources. The People Of Color Career Fair™ is one of those ways. I know from personal experience that hundreds of qualified Professionals of Color will be there. We’re serious about our DEI commitments at Andersen, and we’re getting ready to do even more hiring at the Career Fair. Other companies better watch out because we’re ready to make offers!”

Greg Cunningham

SeVP & Chief Diversity Officer
U.S. Bank

"At U.S. Bank, we're clear about our DEI commitments and what we need to do diversify our workforce even more. The People Of Color Fair™ provides us with the opportunity to connect with qualified Professionals of Color in our region and execute on various aspects of our DEI recruiting strategy. We're proud to be partners with the People Of Color Career Fair™ in the work to ensure that Professionals of Color have the access they need to move their careers forward."

Pat Mcadaragh


“We understand the importance diversity brings to our company and the value it has on providing positive and memorable customer experiences. Our services – internet, TV and phone – are necessary for everyone, and we want our workforce to reflect our customers. Our relationship with the Rae Mackenzie Group and the People of Color Career Fair dates back to the beginning, and we’re proud to be a premier sponsor of the People of Color Career Fair. It helps us identify amazing talent as well as demonstrate that we mean what we say: diversity, equity and inclusion are essential. Our goal for the Career Fair is clear: we intend to hire.”

LaTrisha VEtaw

Council Member
City of Minneapolis, Ward 4

"The People Of Color Career Fair™ is an invaluable event to our region and the community. People of Color deserve equal access to the opportunities that companies have available and the individuals who make the decisions. The People Of Color Career Fair™ is doing the work to ensure necessary connections are being made in an attempt to level the playing field and give everyone a fair shot at success."

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Frequently asked questions

What to Bring

Your resume. Simple, but serious. 

The best way you can show Employers that you're ready to land a role with them is to come prepared. Bring multiple, printed copies of your resume along with a winning mindset.

What to Wear

Come interview ready. Dress for the paycheck you want to receive. And, above all, be your authentic self.

The People Of Color Career Fair™ is bringing together top Employers in the region– Employers ready to interview and hire Professionals who will take their business to the next level.

Health and Safety

We will be observing CDC Covid protocols.

*Revisit this section as we get closer to the Career Fair for more information.

How to Get There

You can drive. You can use a rideshare app. can download a Metro Transit ticket for a FREE bus/train ride! 

We are providing Professionals with the means they need to attend the People Of Color Career Fair™. We want to make sure your energy goes toward wow-ing Employers, so we’re taking the stress out of getting you there.

*Metro Transit tickets will be available for download in September.

We want to make sure your energy goes toward wow-ing Employers, so we’re taking the stress out of getting you there.